Diocese of North Carolina announces new location of Diocesan House

Posted Nov 7, 2023

[Diocese of North Carolina] The Diocese of North Carolina has announced the new location of Diocesan House. If all goes well with moving plans, as of Jan. 1, 2024, the diocesan headquarters will be located at 4800 Six Forks Road Suite 300 in Raleigh.

The move follows the April sale of the diocesan property located at 200 W. Morgan St. The sale followed a years-long discernment process about what to do with the property after the long-time tenants of the building’s first two floors departed in 2019. When the decision to sell was announced, it was explained that the combination of the current commercial real estate market, and the pandemic-proven ability of the staff to serve diocesan congregations without a constant presence in a central office location, gave the diocese a unique opportunity to reduce overhead costs and provide more resources for ministry.

“We are blessed to have this opportunity to explore how we will use this gift of resources to take us further on our journey to Becoming Beloved Community,” said Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, assistant bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, at the time of the sale. “The sale of 200 W. Morgan St. gives us the opportunity to consider new mission and ministry initiatives, and we look forward to this next phase of exploration and discerning our collective diocesan call.”

The Jan. 1 date is a tentative one. Refreshes and refurbishments are taking place throughout November into December, and provided the estimated construction timeline proceeds according to plan, the move to the new office location will take place throughout December, following the 208th Annual Convention. As the move progresses and the staff settles in to the new location, the advisory board formed of representatives from across the diocese and its governing bodies will continue their task of discerning the best use of the net sale proceeds to support our mission work. A progress report is expected to be shared at the 208th Annual Convention.

The new location features ample on-site and complimentary parking, and the third-floor office is easily and fully accessible.

“As it has always been, the new location of Diocesan House will be a place of welcome,” said Bishop Sam Rodman, bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina. “We look forward to creating not just a new office space, but a place that reflects our commitment to our missional priorities and a resource open to all to do the work of Becoming Beloved Community.”