Republic of Colombia peace advisor shares insights on the importance of WCC’s accompaniment

Posted Nov 3, 2023

[World Council of Churches] In a discussion with World Council of Churches staff, Mariela Kohon, advisor to the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace — an office that reports directly to the presidency of the Republic of Colombia — on Nov. 2 shared insights into the ongoing peace dialogues in Colombia and the important role of the WCC and faith leaders.

The event, titled The things that make for peace in Colombia,” offered a glimpse into the current status of the processes in Colombia, with details about the methodology and dynamics of the different levels and formal spaces of dialogue. Discussions also focused on the relevance of having the WCC as a close partner in this process.

In early September 2023, the Colombian government, through the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, announced that an agreement had been reached with the armed group from Estado Mayor Central of FARC-EP to engage in a bilateral and temporary ceasefire and to establish formal peace talks.

The World Council of Churches, the Colombian Episcopal Conference, the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia and the Mission to support the Peace Process of the Organization of American States were appointed as “Permanent Accompaniers” to the peace talks. Their main task is to accompany and encourage the process and maintain relationships with the negotiators from both sides.

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