Church of England Synod to focus on implementation of ‘Prayers of Love and Faith’

Posted Oct 20, 2023

[Church of England] The General Synod of the Church of England will meet in November in London to discuss the steps being taken to implement texts known as Prayers of Love and Faith, which ask for God’s blessing for same-sex couples.

In February of this year, Synod agreed on a motion welcoming the texts and calling on The House of Bishops to further refine and commend them for use in the Church of England, together with new pastoral guidance and proposals for pastoral reassurance.

Earlier this month, The House of Bishops agreed in principle that the Prayers of Love and Faith should be commended for use, also concluding that special services for same-sex couples, based on the Prayers, should go forward for consideration to be formally authorized under canon law. Synod also voted for no change to the doctrine of the Church of England around marriage and sexual intimacy.

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