Archbishop of Canterbury appeals for end to bloodshed after ‘atrocious’ attack on Gaza hospital

Posted Oct 18, 2023

[Church of England] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has condemned the “atrocious” attack Oct. 17 on the Anglican-run Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. Urging restraint on apportioning blame until the facts are clear, the archbishop said the attack “violates the sanctity and dignity of human life.”

The archbishop said, “It is unconscionable that aid is being prevented from reaching children and adults who are not combatants in this war. It is indefensible that hospitals, schools and refugee camps are being struck. It is an outrage that hostages are being held by Hamas.”

“The bloodshed, slaughter and suffering of innocent people on all sides must stop.”

“What we know for certain is that this violence will not secure for the people of the Holy Land the future they deserve,” he said.

Read the full statement here.