Presiding Bishop Michael Curry recovering in ICU following surgery

By ENS Staff
Posted Sep 20, 2023

[Episcopal News Service] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is recovering in an intensive care unit after having his right adrenal gland and an attached mass removed, according to a Sept. 20 press release from The Episcopal Church’s Office of Public Affairs.

He is expected to remain in intensive care for about 24 hours.

The surgery had been planned. Last month, Curry was admitted to the hospital after a reoccurrence of the internal bleeding that required him to be hospitalized over Memorial Day weekend.

The day before his surgery, Curry briefly spoke with bishops over Zoom, thanking them for their prayers and helping to frame their discussions during the Sept. 19-22 online House of Bishops meeting.

“I’m going to be fine. Come what may, I’m going to be fine, because we have a God and God is real,” Curry told the bishops.

The church is asked to continue to pray for Curry, his family and his medical team.