Church of England offers prayers for first anniversary of queen’s death and king’s accension

Posted Sep 8, 2023

[Church of England] Churches around the United Kingdom are marking the first anniversary of the death of the late Queen Elizabeth and King Charles’ accession, with prayers being said for the king, the royal family and for the nation.

The Church of England’s Daily Prayer audio services on Sept. 8 reflect the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (which is marked on this date each year) but also include prayers marking both Accession Day and the first anniversary of HLM Queen Elizabeth’s death.

This prayer is also being shared on the Church of England’s social media channels:

God grant to the living, grace;
to the departed, rest;
to the Church, the King, the Commonwealth,
and all humankind,
peace and concord;
and to us and all his servants, life everlasting.

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