Church of Pakistan moderator calls for an end to ‘judicial apartheid’ against Christians

Posted Aug 23, 2023

[Anglican Communion News Service] Bishop Azad Marshall, moderator of the Church of Pakistan, has been visiting churches and Christian communities who were violently attacked in Jaranwala, Pakistan, last week. He called for an end to judicial apartheid through fair and equal application of laws between the majority and minority populations, aiming to prevent future incidents similar to those in Jaranwala.

Currently, the application of laws on the Christian population is different from the same laws which apply to the Muslim population, which, according to Bishop Azad, is why problems arise. Christian and Muslim leaders have joined forces and are working together to lobby the government in ensuring that the laws are equal for all.

At a joint press conference on August 19, flanked by fellow religious leaders, including Muslim clerics, Bishop Azad stated that the division needs to be met with peace and resolve.

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