In Indonesia’s Maluku Protestant Church, women theologians grow stronger together

Posted Jul 17, 2023

[World Council of Churches] For the first time in history, women pastors in the Maluku Protestant Church outnumber their male counterparts. We have 1,444 pastors in the Maluku Protestant Church, and about 55% are women,” said Maluku Protestant Church moderator the Rev. Elifas Tomix Maspaitella.

But its not just about percentages, Maspaitella insisted. Its about feminist theology.” Thats why the church began, in 2019, a Women Mentoring Theology program to empower women preachers.

We think this is a unique context in the Maluku Protestant Church in that we are 770 local congregations,” said Maspaitella, There are a number of challenges—and part of the answer to those challenges depends on theology.”

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