Church of England’s lead bishop for housing backs Prince of Wales’ project to end homelessness

Posted Jun 27, 2023

[Church of England] The Church of England’s lead bishop for housing, Guli Francis-Deqhani, has welcomed the launch of the five-year Homewards project by the Prince of Wales to end long term homelessness.

“I am delighted to see the personal commitment the Prince of Wales has made to ending homelessness,” she said. “Across the Church of England we share this desire to tackle the underlying causes as well as supporting those in crisis.

“The leadership of the Prince of Wales will undoubtedly have a tangible impact; his determination to address this crisis will be welcomed by churches up and down the country who are on the front line of supporting those experiencing homelessness. Ending homelessness does indeed require a societal response, and we will play our part.”

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