World Council of Churches urges Korean War armistice agreement be replaced by a peace treaty

Posted Jun 26, 2023

[World Council of Churches] The 70-year-old War Armistice Agreement should be replaced with a peace treaty, the World Council of Churches central committee said in a June 26 public statement. In a time of renewed escalation of tensions and confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, we recall that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the 1953 Armistice Agreement which established a ceasefire, but not a formal end, to the Korean War,” reads the text. We pray for peace and dialogue to end this dangerous cycle, and for denuclearization not only of the Korean Peninsula but of the entire world.”

The statement also notes that inter-Korean relations have experienced a major deterioration since the abrupt and inconclusive end of the U.S.-North Korea Summit in Hanoi in 2019.

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