Church of England’s social impact program makes $7.1 million in investments

Posted May 3, 2023

[Church of England] The Church of England’s Social Impact Investment Programme, established in 2020 to direct capital toward new solutions to deep-rooted social challenges, has invested £5.7m ($7.1 million) in its first two years, according to its 2023 Impact Report.

The programme’s aim is to support vulnerable people and communities, while generating sustainable returns that preserve the capital for future impact.

“It’s a privilege to support the Church of England’s wider mission through this innovative programme,” said Vanessa Morphet, head of Social Impact Investment at the Archbishops’ Council. “We work with excellent investment managers who have deep knowledge of the U.K. charity and social enterprise sector, and we’re confident our capital will have a real, lasting impact where it counts most.”

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