Anglican Consultative Council vote shapes new Anglican Communion Standing Committee

Posted Feb 20, 2023

[Anglican Communion Office] The names of newly elected members to the Anglican Communion Standing Committee were announced on Feb. 18. The Anglican Communion Standing Committee is the trustee body of the Anglican Consultative Council, one of the Instruments of Communion of the Anglican Communion, a family of 42 autonomous and independent-yet-interdependent national and regional churches present in more than 165 countries.

Earlier this week, Maggie Swinson, a lay canon of England’s Liverpool Cathedral, was elected unopposed as chair of the council; and Anglican Archbishop Hosam Naoum, bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem, was elected unopposed as vice chair of the council.

Hosam’s election created an additional vacancy for ordinary members of the council, resulting in the need to elect six people from eight nominated candidates.

The six newly elected members of the council are:

  • The Rt. Rev. Mugenyi William Bahemuka
    The Province of the Anglican Church of Congo
  • The Rev. Inamar Correa de Souza
    Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
  • The Rev. Tsz Leung Billy Ip
    Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
  • Andrew Khoo Chin Hock
    The Anglican Church of the Province of South East Asia
  • Aishi Sama Drong
    The Church of Bangladesh
  • The Rev. Wendy Scott
    The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

The newly elected chair, vice chair and ordinary members join the one remaining standing committee member whose term of office continues: Joyce Haji Liundi, a lay representative of the Anglican Church of Tanzania; Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, as president of the Anglican Consultative Council; and five primates chosen by their fellow-primates to represent the five Anglican Communion’s regions:

  • Americas
    Archbishop Linda Nicholls
    Archbishop of Canada
  • Africa
    Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit
    Archbishop of Kenya
  • Middle East and South Asia
    Bishop Azad Marshall
    Moderator of the united Church of Pakistan
  • Oceania and East Asia
    Archbishop Philip Richardson
    Primate (Tikanga Pakeha) and Archbishop of the New Zealand dioceses in the Anglican Church of Aoetearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
  • Europe
    Archbishop John McDowell
    Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh

The Rev. Inamar Correa de Souza’s term extends her term of office on the standing committee: she had previously been co-opted to fill a casual vacancy. She will serve until her term as a member of the Anglican Consultative Council comes to an end at the end of ACC-19.

The new standing committee held a short meeting on Feb.18 and is expected to hold its first full meeting at Saint Andrew’s House – the Anglican Communion Office in London – in September.