Carbon emissions reduce as Church of England makes progress toward 2030 target

Posted Dec 15, 2022

[Church of England] The Church of England saw a gradual but steady reduction in carbon emissions in 2021, according to the latest data from its national Energy Footprint Tool (EFT). Meanwhile, more than 400 churches across England are now reporting net-zero carbon emissions, an increase of 157 from the previous year, as part of the most comprehensive data collection to date.

The EFT was launched in 2019 to measure and record carbon emissions across the Church of England and is reporting data for the third time. For 2021, the data is now consolidated across all settings, including Church of England schools.

It estimates that overall carbon emissions were down by 5,000 tons CO2e in 2021 to 410,000 tons overall, compared with 415,000 in 2020, despite buildings being open for more of the year than in 2020. The data also included travel-related emissions for the first time.

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