Global Anglican Communion given greater voice in choice of future archbishops of Canterbury

Posted Jul 18, 2022

[Church of England] Until now the wider worldwide Anglican Communion, outside of England, has been represented by just one of the 16 members of the Crown Nominations Commission for the See of Canterbury.

But under changes to the Standing Orders of the General Synod formally approved July 12, there will now be five representatives of other churches of the Anglican Communion – one each from Africa; the Americas; Middle East and Asia; Oceania and Europe.

The new rules will also ensure the inclusion of laity and clergy as well as bishops; a balance of men and women and that at least half of the five will be of Global Majority Heritage.

All diocesan bishops of the Church of England, including the archbishops, are appointed by Her Majesty the Queen following a nomination by the Crown Nominations Commission for the see.

Under the changes, the Canterbury Crown Nominations Commission will now have 17 voting members, with the number of representatives from the Diocese of Canterbury reduced from six to three.

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