General Convention elects Episcopalians to committees, other positions

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Jul 9, 2022

Editor’s note: This story was updated July 10 and July 11 to add House of Deputy elections to the Court of Review for Clergy Discipline and to correct.

[Episcopal News Service – Baltimore, Maryland] Every meeting of General Convention includes electing clergy and lay Episcopalians to serve as leaders on a variety of governance groups.

The House of Deputies reelected the Rev. Michael Barlowe as the secretary of convention. The House of Bishops and the House of Deputies reelected Kurt Barnes as convention treasurer. Barlowe is also convention’s executive officer and Barnes serves as the church’s chief financial officer.

Here are the other election results thus far.

House of Bishops

Court of Review for Bishops: New Hampshire Bishop A. Robert Hirschfeld, Georgia Bishop Frank Logue, West Tennessee Bishop Phoebe Roaf and Texas Bishop Suffragan Kai Ryan

Disciplinary Board for Bishops: Southern Virginia Bishop Susan Haynes, Rio Grande Bishop Michael Hunn, Rhode Island Bishop Nicholas Knisely, Washington Bishop Chilton Knudsen and Bethlehem Bishop Kevin Nichols

Executive Council: Missouri Bishop Deon Johnson and Puerto Rico Bishop Rafael Morales

General Board of Examining Chaplains (lay): Martha Alexander (North Carolina), L. Zoe Cole (Colorado), Peter Williams (Western North Carolina)

General Board of Examining Chaplains (clergy): the Rev. Michael Bamberger (Los Angeles), the Rev. Christopher Corbin (Fond du Lac) and the Rev. Rhonda Lee (North Carolina)

General Board of Examining Chaplains (faculty): Hugh Page Jr. (Northern Indiana), the Rev. Carla Roland Guzmán (New York) and the Rev. Andrew Wright (Newark)

General Board of Examining Chaplains (bishops): Connecticut Bishop Laura Ahrens and Long Island Bishop R. William Franklin

All House of Bishops election results are here.

House of Deputies

Before actual voting began the Rev. Nina Ranadive Pooley, voting secretary, led the deputies through what she and House of Deputies President the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings called “Voting Camp.” Ranadive Pooley first coached deputies in some experimental votes so that they could get used to the system. Among the trial elections, the deputies voted in favor of ice cream. To practice electing a certain number of candidates out of a longer list, they also elected five animals to head into Noah’s ark, leaving eight behind. Pandas, bears, elephants, buffalo and moose avoided the flood. Alligators, armadillos, coyotes, crabs, huskies, puffins, lions and walruses did not.

Here are the results of the real elections.

Church Pension Fund Trustees: Puerto Rico Bishop David Alvarez, the Rev. Brendan Barnicle (Oregon), the Rev. Gawain de Leeuw (New York), Connecticut Bishop Ian Doulas, the Rev. Amy Haynie (North Texas), the Rev. Cynthia Kittredge (Texas), John McCray-Goldsmith (El Camino Real), Sandra McPhee (Chicago), Alabama Assisting Bishop Brian Prior, Olympia Bishop Greg Rickel, Anne Vickers (Southwest Florida) and the Rev. Sandye Wilson (Newark)

Court of Review for Clergy Discipline (clergy): The Rev. Lisa Burns (Texas), the Rev. Rodney Davis (Northern California), the Rev. d’Rue Hazel (Upper South Carolina), the Rev. Gregory Jacobs (North Carolina), the Rev. Elisa Kirby (East Carolina), the Rev Carrie Schofield-Broadbent (Central New York) and the Rev. Christopher Wendell (Massachusetts)

Court of Review for Clergy Discipline (lay): L. Zoe Cole (Colorado), Delbert Glover (New York), Sharon Henes (Milwaukee), Grecia Reynoso (Dominican Republic), Brunilda Rodriguez-Velez (Puerto Rico) and Laura Russell (Newark)

Disciplinary Board for Bishops (lay): William Fleener Jr. (Western Michigan) and Julie Larsen (Los Angeles)

Disciplinary Board for Bishops (clergy): The Rev. Gregory Jacobs (North Carolina) and the Rev. Christopher Wendell (Massachusetts)

Executive Council (lay): Dianne Audrick Smith (Ohio), Annette Buchanan (New Jersey), Scott Haight (West Tennessee), Joe McDaniel Jr. (Central Gulf Coast), Sandra Montes (Texas) and Tivaun Cooper (New York)

Executive Council (clergy): The Rev Charles Graves (Texas) and the Rev. Deborah Jackson (Florida)

Trustee of the General Theological Seminary (lay): Michael Braxton (Pittsburgh) and Noreen Duncan (New Jersey)

Trustee of the General Theological Seminary (clergy): The Rev. T. James Kodera (Massachusetts) and the Rev. Richard Norman Jr. (Southwest Florida)


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