Church of England’s General Synod welcomes $4.3 billion investment in mission and ministry

Posted Jul 9, 2022

[Church of England] Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell told synod that the plans covering £3.6bn ($3.3 billion0 over the next nine years amounted to the church “putting our money where our missional mouth is.”

Speaking during a debate on the plans which were announced earlier this year he said the spending would underpin transformation towards being a “Simpler, Humbler and Bolder” church.

He said that money would be invested in local ministry as part of diocesan strategies.

Priorities for the spending include £190m ($228 million) to help the Church of England transition to net zero, £20m ($24 million)  on work to promote Racial Justice and £400m ($481 million) over the next three years towards achieving the outcomes and priorities that flow from the Church’s Vision and Strategy for the 2020s.

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