Brazilian Anglicans welcome Venezuelan migrants

Posted Jun 29, 2022

[Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil] Since 2016, Brazil has started to welcome a considerable number of Venezuelans in its territory. The vast majority enter through the city of Pacaraima. Since then, Brazil has started to implement Operação Acolhida in partnership with the United Nations. This humanitarian operation is unprecedented in the country, given the presence of more than 260,000 Venezuelans in the country.

Many migrants are in a particularly vulnerable situation; they do not have financial resources or jobs, do not speak the language; do not have access to migratory regularization. And beyond these contextual and situational vulnerabilities, there are personal vulnerabilities (gender, age, Indigenous origin, etc.).

It is in this context that the Portuguese for Migrants project is being developed simultaneously in the São Felipe Anglican Parish (Anglican Diocese of Brasília) and in the Anglican Community of Manaus (Anglican Diocese of the Amazon).

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