Juan Carlos Quiñones elected bishop of Ecuador Central

Posted Nov 10, 2021

On Nov. 6 during a special election convention at the Cathedral of our Lord in Quito, Ecuador, the Rev. Juan Carlos Quiñones was elected on the 4th ballot to serve as bishop of the Diocese of Ecuador Central. He received 10 clergy and 12 lay votes.

The electing convention had a quorum of 37-members, 19 clergy and 18 laity. They chose among three candidates in the first round: The Rev. Joel Almono a priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts; the Rev. Juan Carlos Quiñones of Quito, Diocese of Ecuador Central; and, the Rev. Gerónimo Alava of Guayaquil, Diocese of Ecuador Litoral. The three subsequent rounds included Almono and Quiñones.

The Rt. Rev. Rafael Morales, bishop of Puerto Rico, presided and preached at the opening Eucharist. The Rt. Rev. Cristóbal León, bishop of Ecuador Litoral and president of Province IX, attended and offered words of encouragement. The Rev. Ron Clingenpeel served as a consultant to the process and was also present. Standing Committee President the Rev. Martha Inapanta presided over the electing convention.

Quiñones is the first Afro-Ecuatorian to be elected bishop in Ecuador. Pending the required canonical consents, he will be consecrated on May 17, 2022.