New Church of Ireland liturgy seeks to help children reflect on pandemic experiences

Posted Sep 2, 2021

[Church of Ireland] The Liturgical Advisory Committee (LAC) of the Church of Ireland has published a resource for use in the church to help children to reflect on their experiences of the pandemic. The resource, entitled “A Service of Lamentation and Hope in the Context of a Pandemic Experience,” centers around the themes of lament and hope.

This resource may be used as an all–ages service in a parish context, in a school setting, or with a Sunday school. Through the use of psalms and a series of short Scripture readings, the service moves through themes of lament and hope, concluding with an act of renewal and commitment. It is intended to help create space for the whole church to acknowledge the losses that everyone within our communities, including children, have endured over the past months. Suggestions for creative and experiential prayer around the themes of lament, hope and renewal are included and may be adapted as needed to suit particular local contexts.