Archbishop of Canterbury launches film series exploring how Christians can be peacemakers

Posted Apr 27, 2021

[Archbishop of Canterbury] The Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a new film series that explores how Christians can cross divides in a complex and hurting world. The films unpack the themes taught in the Difference Course that was created by the Archbishop’s Reconciliation Ministry team.

The film series, “Faith in a Conflicted World,” features five videos in which the archbishop teaches three habits based on the life and ministry of Jesus that reflect His call on us to be peacemakers. These habits form the central teaching of the Difference Course, which further equips Christians to put them into practice in their daily lives.

In the films, the archbishop reflects movingly on his personal experiences of conflict. These include his 2019 visit to the site of Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar. The Archbishop prostrated himself on the ground on the site where hundreds of unarmed Indian civilians peacefully demonstrating for independence were shot and killed by British troops in 1919.

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