Science-faith partnership is vital for tackling climate change, Archbishop of Canterbury says

Posted Mar 3, 2021

[Anglican Communion News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told an international gathering of faith leaders that the fight against the climate crisis would benefit from the relationship between science and faith. He made his comments in the first of a series of online meetings being held in advance of the United Nations’ COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, later this year. Welby said that “the relationship between science and faith presents us with a very real and a powerful route to lasting, major change. Our global reach, our commitment to local communities and our hope combined with the knowledge and expertise of science can forge a powerful alliance.”

He welcomed United States President Joe Biden’s decision to resume America’s commitment to the Paris Accord and said: “I speak as a Christian. Jesus teaches us that there are no greater commandments than to love God and love our neighbor. To abide by those commandments as a Christian today is to step up to the challenge of climate change and connected environmental crises.”

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