After months of repairs, residents return to Southeast Florida senior housing facility

By Egan Millard
Posted Oct 8, 2020

The Diocese of Southeast Florida bought St. Andrews Residence in 2009. Photo: St. Andrews Residence

[Episcopal News Service] Residents of a senior housing facility owned by the Diocese of Southeast Florida that was uninhabitable for two and a half months due to an electrical malfunction have returned to the building, Bishop Peter Eaton wrote in a letter on Oct. 7. The electrical problem at St. Andrews Residence in West Palm Beach that forced all 177 residents to leave in mid-June has been fixed, Eaton said.

Most of the displaced residents were put up in hotel rooms paid for by the St. Andrews board, using funds from the diocese. The complex nature of the repairs, as well as concerns about coronavirus transmission, led to a multiphase reentry process that began Sept. 1 and ended last week. With the building’s main electrical system replaced, minor electrical work and roof repairs are continuing.

“I realize the journey to get to this point has been a long one and I thank you for your patience and understanding over these past few months,” Eaton wrote in a letter to residents.

Eaton said in a previous letter that rent payments for July, August and parts of June and September would be returned. He also pledged that the building would remain affordable housing for seniors.

“I plan to keep you updated as we assemble a team to come up with creative solutions to uphold this commitment to you and future generations of seniors,” Eaton wrote in a previous letter dated Sept. 23.

– Egan Millard is an assistant editor and reporter for Episcopal News Service. He can be reached at