Presiding Bishop’s ‘Love Is the Way’ book generates media buzz, from NPR to People to Brené Brown

Posted Sep 30, 2020

[Episcopal News Service] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry first achieved a bit of global celebrity in 2018 after his “Power of Love” sermon at the royal wedding. National and international media outlets clamored to interview him about the sermon, which had offered some of the most memorable and uplifting moments from those high-profile nuptials.

This year, Curry is again making the rounds of interviews, from NPR to People magazine, this time to support the release of his new book, “Love Is the Way.”

That wedding sermon remains a popular topic of interviewers, and as Curry told People, he has drawn inspiration from the conversations it generated.

“In two years, I’ve had more of those kinds of conversations about faith and life and love, than I had in 40 years,” he said in the People interview, published online last week.

NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro caught up with Curry for an interview on “Weekend Edition” that aired on Sept. 20. On NBC, Curry appeared by video Sept. 22 to talk with “Today Show” host Hoda Kotb. And Curry spoke by phone with Episcopal News Service for a Q&A about the book, also on Sept. 22, the day the book was released.

Curry joined host Amy Goodman on the Sept. 25 edition of the public radio show “Democracy Now!”. And he has appeared at recent virtual events with Jon Meacham and Al Roker.

The interviews continued this week, including an appearance on the Sept. 30 edition of Brené Brown’s podcast. Brown, a fellow Episcopalian, also teases listeners with the promise that Curry will share a six-song playlist, including “one song that I really didn’t expect.” (We won’t reveal it here, but hint: That detail comes toward the end of the interview.)