A big Anglican welcome planned for Lambeth Conference delegates

By Rachel Farmer
Posted Dec 13, 2019

The Big Hello will connect attendees to their companion link diocese or provide the opportunity for new ones to be started. Photo: Lambeth Conference Company

[Anglican Communion News Service] Anglican parishes and dioceses across England, Wales and Scotland are gearing up to welcome more than 1,000 Anglican bishops and spouses from across the globe in July 2020.

The delegates, who will be attending the 15th Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, hosted by the archbishop of Canterbury, will travel from over 165 countries from across the Communion.

The event provides an opportunity to build relationships and create new ones, not just between bishops and spouses, but among churches, dioceses, communities and countries across the world. And the Lambeth Conference Company is helping coordinate the special welcome called ‘The Big Hello’ that will be rolled out from churches.

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