Georgia bishop commits 3 percent of the diocese’s endowment to racial reconciliation, healing

Posted Nov 19, 2019

[Diocese of Georgia] In his final address as bishop to the 198th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, the Rt. Rev. Scott Anson Benhase, 10th bishop of Georgia, announced Nov. 15 he is committing 3% of the diocese’s unrestricted endowment to help form the St. Anna Alexander Center for Racial Reconciliation & Healing.

Benhase noted that Virginia Theological Seminary recently committed approximately 1% of its endowment toward racial reparations. Also recently, the Diocese of New York committed 2.5% of its endowment to that goal. In addition, Benhase urged all congregations in the Diocese of Georgia who have endowments to commit their own 3% toward racial reconciliation and healing.

“As I wrote to the diocese last week, every person’s life is an unspoken sermon that is constantly preaching to others. That is true not just of individuals. It is also true for the church as a whole and for a diocese in particular. What we do as a diocese speaks volumes,” said Benhase. “What we are beginning is not reparations. No amount of money can do that. What we are doing is committing significant resources to the long, slow work of racial reconciliation and healing.”

The Diocese of Georgia has formed a Resource Team for Racial Reconciliation and Healing to work through the new St. Anna Alexander Center. Referencing the text for his address: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” – Matthew 9:37,  Benhase said: “Our team leaders are ready and equipped for a very Jesus-like harvest of racial reconciliation and healing.”