New residents of Lambeth Palace are preparing to start their ‘Year in God’s Time’

By Lucy Cowpland
Posted Sep 23, 2019

Members of the Community of St. Anselm. Photo: Kenyi Dube via ACNS

[Anglican Communion News Service] Young people who have chosen to join the Community of St. Anselm and spend “A Year in God’s Time” have arrived at Lambeth Palace.

The community members have traveled to London from South Sudan, Canada, China, Pakistan, Uganda, the U.S., Sri Lanka, Germany, Rwanda, India and the U.K. They each come from different religious backgrounds, including Anglicans, Lutheran-Evangelicals, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals and Presbyterians.

The members of the Community of St. Anselm have left behind their jobs, colleges, families and countries to spend a year together in prayer, service and learning at Lambeth Palace, the home and office of the archbishop of Canterbury.

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