Marriage canon amendment fails to pass Canada’s General Synod

By Matt Gardner
Posted Jul 15, 2019

Primate Fred Hiltz and officers of General Synod share a tense moment of silence before results are revealed. Photo: Matthew Townsend

[Anglican Journal] The Anglican Church of Canada will maintain its traditional definition of marriage after a vote to amend the marriage canon failed to pass at General Synod 2019.

The 42nd General Synod voted against Resolution A052-R2, which would have amended the marriage canon to allow for same-sex marriage, after the resolution failed to pass by a two-thirds majority in all three orders. While two-thirds of the Order of Laity (80.9 percent) and Order of Clergy (73.2 percent) voted in favor, less than the required two-thirds (62.2 percent) voted in favor of the resolution in the Order of Bishops.

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