Gunmen attack bishop of Makurdi in Nigeria’s Benue State

Posted May 9, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] Bishop of Makurdi Nathan Inyom has been attacked by gunmen as he travelled along the Zaki-Biam Road at Kera, near Gondozua Village in Nigeria’s Benue State on May 6. The bishop’s car, a gold-coloured Lexus SUV, was stolen in the attack.

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  1. william dailey says:

    Were the attackers identified? The fact that no mention was made leads me to believe they might have been Islamic. Nothing can be done to prevent further violence until this is known.

  2. The Rev. David Toomey says:

    Shamefully racist comment, William. Did you read the article? No one hurt, but their Lexus SUV stolen. If you know Nigeria and Benue state, you’d be assuming this was a carjacking. Not good of course, but the assumptions we carry around without cause or knowledge (prejudice) are even less good

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