Texas Court of Appeals judgment favors Episcopal Church parties

Posted Apr 6, 2018

[Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth] The Fort Worth Court of Appeals issued a 178-page opinion April 5 in favor of the loyal Episcopalians of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. In a decision authored by the chief justice, the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s 2015 judgment for the breakaway parties and held that Episcopalians are entitled to control both the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and its corporation.

Noting that the parties agreed that the corporation held legal title to all of the property in dispute, the Court of Appeals also analyzed two examples of the many deeds at issue. The Court of Appeals rendered judgment in favor of the Episcopalians on those two deeds, both of which relate to property occupied by All Saints Episcopal Church (Fort Worth). The Court of Appeals then remanded the many other, similar deeds to the trial court so it could rule on those deeds using the same analysis.

“We are very grateful for the care taken by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals in reaching its decision,” said Bishop Scott Mayer of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth said. “As this unfolds, the people and clergy of our diocese will, as always, carry on our work as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. We continue to hold all involved in our prayers.”

The Episcopal parties and congregations look forward to the resolution of this matter and the trial court’s enforcement of the Court of Appeals’ opinion.

The opinion is available here.


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  1. Dolores Fishburke says:

    Praise the Lord, we’ll take on these schismatic, homophobic ACNA types

  2. George Moyser+ says:

    In a challenging situation for all I am glad to hear of this outcome in favor of the Episcopal Church. I hope the US Supreme Court will take note of this clearly very detailed and comprehensive review in their consideration of whether to take up a similar case brought by the breakaway group in my own diocese in South Carolina.

  3. Alexander Scott says:

    I have always felt that a diocese should be free to do as it pleases. Since the American Church is a confederation why could it not realign itself. The sad outcome is the some parish churches sill be completely lost to the church as the resulting smaller congregations may not be able to maintain their properties.

  4. John Schaffer says:

    Shame on you, Dolores, for using such language. It is not becoming of an Episcopalian. Who are you to judge anyone? Your job is to love your neighbor. Seems more like hate than love.

  5. David Horwath says:

    I’m sure that the ghosts of Pope Clement VIII and Pope Paul III are smiling while the Ghost of Henry VIII is frowning to see the reversal of positions between the now-reactionary Episcopal Church against its own rebellion. I’m also sure that the Ghost of Pope Urban VIII is smiling at the irony of the Presiding Bishop returning from the Bonn COP after joining the orthodox Global Warming religion screaming heresy against the Galileo-style “Deniers”.

  6. S.R.Price says:

    ECUSA is not a ” confederation of independent dioceses.It is a heiarchial denomination with a Supreme policy making organ,the triennial General Convention and a constitution.People can realign any way they wish but they can’t take Church assets on their way out the door.

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