Anglican bishops join other faith leaders to criticize British ‘two-child’ welfare cap

Posted Apr 6, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] A group of 60 Anglican bishops have been joined by other faith and charity leaders to criticize a British government cap on the number of children in a family who count for welfare purposes. Tax credits and universal credits are two welfare benefits paid to unemployed people and those on low-incomes. Since last year, calculations of the amount families receive have been restricted to count no more than two children. In a letter published in The Times newspaper April 6, faith leaders say it risks tipping “an estimated extra 200,000 children into poverty.”


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  1. Bob Thwing says:

    It’s OK to complain if the Church is willing to pick up the cost of additional children pas the two.

  2. Caroline Stevenson says:

    So, in the U.S., taxpayers are allowed to deduct from income tax an unlimited number of children. How does this relate to the topic being discussed?

  3. Dani Rice says:

    Caroline, where in the article was the U.S. tax deduction mentioned?

    Actually, I’m in favor of the British approach – to a certain extent. Any children currently “in existence” (including in utero) would be covered, but no future children, and however many children you have when you are accepted into the welfare system are all that will be covered. National Health already pays for birth control, and if you are unable to care for the children you already have, then don’t have any more. That’s what the rest of us do.

    1. Bob Thwing says:

      Right On! We shouldn’t be enablers.

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