Presiding Bishop in Jerusalem: Jesus came to the Holy City to show us a new way

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Mar 25, 2018

[Episcopal News Service — Jerusalem] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who is on a Holy Week pilgrimage in the Holy Land, preached March 25 at the Palm Sunday Eucharist at St. George’s Anglican Cathedral here.

Curry told the congregation that Jesus deliberately entered Jerusalem at the same time as Pontius Pilate to point to a different way of life, one that is grounded in love and not tyranny.

– The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg is interim managing editor of the Episcopal News Service.


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  1. The Rev.Dr.Susan Lukens says:

    what a joyous day to have Bishop Curry with us at St George’s Cathedral this morning and accompanied hundreds down the Mount of Olives! He and his staff are a blessing to the people of this land that seek peace thru love.

  2. Incasam says:

    The Christ enters Jerusalem to fulfill the Passover, to change the Covenant of God from the Law to Grace. Christ will fulfill the prophecies to complete our Redemption which is only wrought from His sacrifice on the Cross. We are saved because He shed His blood. Christ is truly the Lamb of God.

  3. Tony Oberdorfer says:

    I visited St. George’s Cathedral and its surrounding complex over thirty years ago so I know what an impressive building it is. And I can understand that its parishioners might welcome a visit from the Presiding Bishop. Looking after his/her widely-scattered flock is part of the job specifications and I guess the PB can’t be blamed for taking advantage of the free plane tickets.

    But as a longtime member of the Episcopal Church who along with many others finds its present trends increasingly distasteful, I wonder if Bishop Curry and his accompanying hierarchy might not do better by staying home for awhile and considering why it is that the Church continues to lose such large numbers of its membership. Is it not a sad fact that if the situation doesn’t change eventually the Episcopal Church will be such a shadow of its former self that Bishop Curry’s successors will have fewer and fewer Episcopal parishes to fly to?

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