Archbishop of Wales urges churches to commemorate the ‘vile and shameful’ holocaust

Posted Jan 9, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] The primate of the Church in Wales, Archbishop John Davies, is encouraging churches, parishes and chaplaincies to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Jan. 27. Internationally, Holocaust Memorial Day is held on the anniversary of the 1945 liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army. In the United Kingdom, the day not only commemorates the holocaust of the Jewish people at the time of World War II, but subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. It is a day on which the victims are remembered, as well as an opportunity for the living to learn lessons for the future.

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  1. Erna Lund says:

    Selective Compassion is rampant–the churches and other groups select certain issues of support but turn their collective backs when brutal ethnic cleansing is in full operation reinforced by military occupation. Prime example is the apartheid/ethnic cleansing in Palestine where Palestinians are targeted,imprisoned in Israeli prisons with no legal/human rights. This has been generated and perpetuated for generations victimizing children, elderly in their own homes and villages; and any resister is immediately beaten,shot… Ironically, many of the soldiers, settlers claim relatives from the Holocaust, and yet the world sees a similar brutal replay of a holocaust on Palestinians in land where they have lived for thousands of years. Strikingly the dynamics of this Occupation resemble the Nazi occupation of the Scandinavian countries which recorded history has documented.

  2. Brack Guthrie says:

    Yes, Ms. Lund. Those Israeli’s are monsters. How dare they defend themselves from a people who refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exits. How dare they defend themselves from Palestinian terrorists who attack them on a daily basis.

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