Episcopal Divinity School: Deans says Charlottesville reflected ‘ugly truth’ about America

Posted Aug 14, 2017

[Black Theology Project] While the Charlottesville, Virginia, “Unite the Right Rally” is certainly alarming, it should come as no real surprise. For as disgusting as many Americans find the beliefs of these “alt-right” crusaders, their white supremacist beliefs reflect an ugly truth about this country. The truth is this country, even as it proclaims freedom and justice for all, was founded on an “Anglo-Saxon myth” of white racial superiority.

This is a truth that Donald Trump’s politics has tapped into and brought into clear relief. Simply put, during his campaign and now presidency, Mr. Trump guilefully exploited America’s defining Anglo-Saxon myth while dangerously revitalizing the culture of whiteness that serves to protect it.

Many Americans, horrified by the hate and violence on display in Charlottesville, exclaim, “This is not America!” But the truth we need to know to actually root out white supremacy is that this is integral to America, and has been, from the very beginning.

Read the full essay here.

The Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas

Dean, Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary


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  1. Pjcabbiness says:

    We need to route out the false narratives of both the left and right and move towards thoughtful solutions that reject the corruption and infiltration of the disguised Marxists , PICO, BLM, the KKK, the white supremacists and all other radical, dangerous ideologies and organizations regardless of their nature or origin.

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