Barron Trump to attend Maryland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in the fall

By ENS staff
Posted May 15, 2017

President Donald Trump points to his son Barron while watching the inaugural parade Jan. 20, 2017, with first lady Melania Trump in Washington, D.C. Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

[Episcopal News Service] Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s youngest child, will attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, this fall.

Barron Trump, 11, will move to Washington, D.C., from New York with his mother, first lady Melania Trump, at some point after he finishes the current school year at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He is believed to be in fifth grade.

St. Andrew’s Head of School Robert Kosasky and Rodney Glasgow, head of the middle school and chief diversity officer, wrote a letter to St. Andrew’s families confirming that the young Trump will become a member of the Class of 2024, CNN reported.

The Washington Post reported that the White House wanted to announce the news in the summer after St. Andrew’s ended the academic year, in part out of concern that the school might become that site of protest. However, parents started to ask questions when rumors began to circulate and the school decided to confirm Barron Trump’s enrollment. CNN reported that the school had the Trump family’s permission to do so.

Melania Trump said in a statement after the announcement that the family is “very excited” to have Barron Trump attend a school that she said is “known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence.” She said the school’s mission “to know and inspire each child in an inclusive community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning and service” appealed to the family.

Donald Trump was raised Presbyterian. Barron Trump was baptized in December 2006 at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, the same church where his parents married on Jan. 22, 2005.

St. Andrew’s, about 20 miles north of the White House, was founded in 1978 and has 580 students in grades six through 12. It has a median class size of 15 and a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, according to information on the school’s website. Tuition is just less than $40,000 for students in grades six through eight.

The school has the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, which says its priority is to “ensure that 100 percent of St. Andrew’s pre-school through 12th grade teachers receive training and ongoing professional development (every school year) in mind, brain, and education science, the most innovative thinking being applied to enhancing teacher quality and student achievement today.”


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  1. Pjcabbiness says:

    Outstanding! We wish him well at this terrific school.

  2. Patrick Andersen says:

    I hope the boy is allowed to attend school without protesters or tabloid photographers hounding him.

    1. Steve Catanich says:

      Absolutely. He should be allowed the privacy to grow up as normally as possible. The press has mostly done this for the Obama Daughters, Chelsea Clinton, and Amy Carter and I hope that the same courtesy will be extended to Barron Trump.

  3. David Huff says:

    I also hope Barron is able to attend school without the things Patrick mentioned above. I am in *no way* a supporter of Pres. Trump, but the minor children of politicians should be off limits for such things…

    1. Pam Payne says:

      I agree with you completely. I dislike the president intensely, but minor children are off limits, and the other children and parents of the school should be as well. I wish the boy much success in school.

  4. Is this even news?

  5. Josh Thomas says:

    Just what I needed in my inbox, “Trump & Episcopal” together in ENS’ lead headline. Is this something we’re supposed to be proud of?

    The kid’s father staged his 3rd wedding at an Episcopal church in Florida; it doesn’t seem to have done him much good.

    1. Bill Louis says:

      Josh, why is this a problem for you? Doesn’t the Episcopal Church welcome everyone?

      1. Bob Scruggs says:

        Yes, Bill, we do welcome everyone; however, we also think ‘everyone’ should have a commitment to responsible life management. Trump is very happy with his conduct, which gets noticed, so your defense, while meritorious, is probably a moot issue to Trump/

        1. Bill Louis says:

          Bob, it’s not about Trump. It’s about the boy. Why is your dislike for the parents/ family transferred to Barron.

    2. Doug Desper says:

      Josh: Just out of respecting the dignity of all people, please note that “the kid” (as you refer to him) is an 11 year old child who was baptized in 2006 in the Episcopal Church and his name is Barron. That his parents are hated widely by liberal-minded Christians who flatter themselves about their walk with God is a rich topic for another place. It appears that these “horrible people” made a wise choice to have Barron educated in what we can hope to be a Christian setting.

      1. Maybe because his father is not a shining example of being a Christian. Admitted adultery, multiple marriages, cheating people in unscrupulous business dealings, insults to war heroes, women and the handicapped, calling large groups of one race criminals, inciting hatred. I could go on and on.

  6. Dr. Erna Lund says:

    Glory Be and Hallelujah! Yes Melania exercised her Mother’s voice for the Best for her son Barron! She has more maturity/wisdom than many may imagine… and yes it is reassuring and interesting history re the early Episcopal connection… And of course as an almost “cradle to grave” Episcopalian I must reflect this bias although I am historically the First Daughter of Norwegian Immigrant(Lutheran initially) then my Viking Father’s leadership in Wisconsin(Grace Cathedral,then Dean John Patterson)… this may progress to a more humane, spiritual path for all of us — and of course again I am reflecting my optimistic spirit…
    And my favorite scriptural passage thusly, “God works in mysterious ways” and every day we are so blessed with these unexpected developments and signs …
    Mary, with appreciation, we are all looking forward to more notices of progress…

  7. Jennifer Monroe says:

    Maybe the wisdom found in the words of our beautiful faith will find their way to the POTUS. Children can be wonderful evangelists.

  8. Joanne Sanders says:

    I always appreciate the generosity by which many of my fellow Episcopalians respond to such news. I do agree that Barron Trump should be treated with dignity, respect and kindness like any student would deserve, And perhaps most importantly that St Andrews will provide persons with characteristics of integrity, fairness, decency, respect, generosity, intellect, grace, honesty – there are countless more any of us could list – as essential role models in his life. I will leave it at that.

  9. When I thought more last night about why I couldn’t really understand the newsworthiness of this notice, I had a clarifying thought and so I am posting it here for what it is worth. It feels to me as though a denomination that is doing a lot to distance itself from its identity as an enclave for privileged persons historically, should be aware that this feeds into a nostalgia for the privileged past by being able to say that the President was married in an Episcopal parish and now his son is attending an Episcopal parochial school. I have this thought at the exact same time as I agree very much with the thoughtful and gracious comment of persons such as Joanne Sanders. In my case, I think both things simultaneously. . . . . .

  10. Doug Desper says:

    Noreen: I wonder if sadness was aroused when Mr. & Mrs. Obama sent their children to the highly selective Sidwell Friends School at a cost of $34,000 each per year? The Bidens ensured that their grandchildren attended there as well. You can decide who gets the “breaks” also considering that Mr. Obama just made $400,000 for giving a speech in the financial world. It seems that Sasha and Malia are none the worse for living around these adults who had very complicated if not clouded lives. Barron’s tuition will be about $38,000 a year. What parent doesn’t want their child to be better than they are?

  11. Dr. William A. Flint, MDiv, PhD says:

    This is great news. Barron deserves a loving school community to find refuge from the media bullies trying to bring down his father and family. The Episcopal school will give him a foundation to build his life on and that is not a bad thing. I support the President and First Lady in this decision. Barron will make many new friends. To remind those who find fault in President Trump:
    “God is watching us
    God is watching us
    God is watching us from a distance
    From a distance you look like my friend
    Even though we are at war
    From a distance I just cannot comprehend
    What all this fightings for”

  12. Dr. Erna Lund says:

    Caveat to the above(my initial response) thusly and firstly: what a welcome exchange/dialogue on this notice. And secondly but importantly the choices were out there prominently: 1) Charter Schools promoted by Betsy Devos,U.S.Secretary of Education; 2)Evangelical fundamental Christian school in the VP Mike Pence and Rev.Franklin/late Billy Graham tradition; and/or 3) Father’s military academy training/education in his youth…
    Upon this reflection where such a “presidential” family is so blessed with so many exceptional opportunities for their precious young son, let us all be Thankful for this choice… and with the hope that he/they may continue with his education/stability through the years to graduation!
    Again Mary, please keep us informed as to progress on this important issue.
    It is gratifying that we are all able to come together sharing our concerns and perspectives.
    Blessings and Peace be with us All.

  13. Sarah Rachel says:

    So happy for the whole Trump family, especially Barron. St. Andrew’s was a good choice and hopefully the parents/children will be “tolerant” to such a sweet boy. I voted Trump/Pence and am an Episcopalian. I know there are many of us out there! It’s just “funny” that the new Episcopalians want everyone to be tolerant unless we don’t agree with their issues. Very disappointing. I go to my local Church, but do not listen to anything coming from the Bishops, etc. They have gone astray sadly. God bless the Trumps and Barron.

    1. Rick Spring says:

      How did you come to feel: “It’s just “funny” that the new Episcopalians want everyone to be tolerant unless we don’t agree with their issues.” yet were still able to cast a vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence who appear to be very intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them or does not believe as they believe? They both, but most especially Vice President Pence, have made statements indicating they probably do not understand (or do not care about) the non-establishment of religion clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution to the United States of America. I believe they, again, primarily Vice President Pence, appear to support, have proposed, enacted (or tried to enact/sign) laws most likely unconstitutional under the non-establishment of religion clause of that First Amendment. You seem to be saying everyone (including Episcopalians and most especially “new” Episcopalians) must be tolerant but the President and Vice President of the United States of America don’t have to be tolerant of all country’s citizens. I believe tolerance is not the minimum standard, acceptance is the minimum standard. This means, to me, I must accept your choice (not just your legal right) to show your support for national leaders who are unable to reciprocate by showing acceptance of others or our rule of law. I also must accept your choice (not just your right) to ignore “anything coming from the Bishops, etc. They have gone astray sadly.” I am trying to make more and more steps toward being more Christ like.

  14. Rick Spring says:

    I am glad Barron Trump will have the opportunity to attend what is likely a very good school and hopefully one which is truly open, accepting, and affirming. However, I am not quite sure why this should be considered a news item for the Episcopal News Service. It shouldn’t be for any other journalistic news source/outlet, either, for that matter (in my opinion).

    I did notice the article says: “St. Andrew’s, about 20 miles north of the White House, was founded in 1978 and has 580 students in grades six through 12.” However, it also states its Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning priority is to “ensure (that) 100 percent of St. Andrew’s pre-school through 12th grade teachers receive training and ongoing professional development…” So, I’m wondering how many teachers and students in pre-school through fifth grade the school has and just what they do.

  15. Sarah Rachel says:

    Rick Spring – we are a gay family and we also believe in separation of Church and State. The media has been against our new POTUS and still is. Obama and Hillary have done far worse things than DJT have done, but the media looked the other way. I’m concerned if the country does not let our POTUS govern, we will become a Socialist State . Obama is pulling the strings to create anarchy which is in the Communist playbook of “step one”. I also feel the VP is a strong leader and seasoned politician, so he is a great asset.

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