Archbishop of Canterbury praises for ‘bridge-building’ archbishop of Jerusalem

Posted May 15, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has concluded his longest pastoral visit to a diocese outside the Church of England by praising the archbishop of Jerusalem’s “bridge-building” work between Israelis and Palestinians. The diocese, in the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

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  1. Vicki Gray says:

    How sad this deaf, dumb, and blind, hands in the air indifference in the face of injustice.

    ” Archbishop Justin stressed that he was not there to “lay down the law” to local politicians, saying it would be “daft” for outsiders not to be careful about what they said. He repeatedly recited a phrase that he had heard during his visit: “If you come to the Holy Land for two weeks, you think you understand the situation. If you come for two years, you understand that you know nothing about the situation.”

    I’m glad the Archbishop visited Hebron and the tomb of Abraham. I wonder, however, how he felt walking under the protective chicken wire or making his way through the turnstile. I wonder, too, whether he walked the block to Shuhada Street and its Jersey wall.

    There is a time for bridge-building. There is, more urgently, a time for tearing down the walls. And there is a time for speaking truth and condemning injustice. The Church should be involved in all three tasks. What is “daft” is its not doing so. What is “daft” is being careful about what we say in the face of injustice.

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