Video: Presiding Bishop preaches at St. John’s in Hong Kong

Posted Feb 19, 2017

[Episcopal News Service — Hong Kong] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached to a standing room only crowd that overflowed into the courtyard at St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong’s central business district on Feb. 19.

Curry is on his first official visit to Asia since his July 2015 election as presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church. Hong Kong was the second stop on a four-stop tour that includes the Philippines, China and Taiwan.


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  1. Mark Lee says:

    AMEN!! Preach PB! I’m so happy to be moving into the Episcopal Church with a leader like PB Michael Curry!!

  2. Dr. Erna Lund says:

    Please refresh my mind/recollection–indeed glad to hear our Bishop Curry is in Good Health and Traveling far’n’wide–when can we get a report of his visit to Jerusalem w/Archbishop Dawani and to the West Bank/Gaza–Critical area desperate for the symbolic presence of our Bishop and his voice for all those (Christians,Muslims notably) in that area/region under almost constant attack(by Israeli/U.S.weaponry)… All those out there I would welcome hearing from you to remind me of the time(date) message, and at this Critical time that U.S. Congress is implementing the move of the “embassy/capitol” from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem–which we all know is the “cradle of the three major religons–Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.”

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