Anglican, Lutheran and Buddhist dialogue and collaboration to continue

By ACNS staff
Posted Feb 3, 2017

[ACNS] An international gathering of Anglicans, Lutherans and Buddhists took place in January in Myanmar – and a joint statement has now been issued which sets out the aim of future joint collaboration on projects of common concern; intentional fostering of Christian Buddhist dialogue at the leadership and grassroots levels; and greater engagement between Buddhist and Christian academic and religious institutions.

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  1. Owen Hoskin says:

    Meeting and talking to build friendships and understanding is excellent. We need to expand our dialogue with all other faiths and philosophies in this way.
    However, we must be alert to losing our way by overreaching into compromising the historic faith by travelling together up the road to the ‘top-of-the-mountain’ where we mistakenly believe we find it is the same God we serve.

  2. Noreen Lundeen says:

    Be careful, about moving in unrealistic ways. Lutherans and Episcopalians cannot even agree as
    to what constitutes ordination/clergy status. I have been both and I highly suggest that one reads
    an excellent book entitled’ LUTHERANS/EPISCOPALIANS TOGETHER: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING. Both clearly state agreements and differences well and honestly.
    The co-authors are G. Scott and Christopher L. Webber.
    There are clearly differences in understanding the position/role of deacons. Lutherans do not
    recognized the ordination of anyone except the “Keeper of Word and Sacrament” whereas
    Episcopalian still have “holy orders” Both are clear as to their positions , as to non-Christians
    I have to comment as I do not extensive knowledge on that subject.

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