Public Policy Network announces refugee advocacy campaign

Posted Jan 31, 2017

[Episcopal Public Policy Network] The Episcopal Public Policy Network is launching a nationwide advocacy campaign in support of refugees. Over the next two months, we’re challenging Episcopalians to call their national, state, and local elected officials at least four times. Now, more than ever, people of faith must make their voices heard. We have created a 2×4 Fight for Refugees Campaign page with numbers to dial and a sample script on our website.


On January 27, President Trump signed an executive order that halted the refugee resettlement program for 120 days, significantly lowered the number of refugees admitted to the U.S., and barred Syrian refugees from being resettled to the U.S. We recognize the need for our nation to be secure, but we believe that the thorough and often multi-year vetting process eliminates those with violent extremist ideologies and those who seek to harm our country. We believe our current policies balance humanitarian needs with security priorities. This pause in the program and the orders to bar entry to certain individuals will have devastating effects on the lives of refugees waiting for protection through resettlement.

The Episcopal Church, through Episcopal Migration Ministries, is one of the nine refugee resettlement agencies in the U.S. refugee resettlement is a life-saving ministry. Episcopalians around the country engage in the work of welcome every day. We have seen that refugees, once welcomed to our communities, become integral parts of our neighborhoods as friends, business owners, students, doctors, and more.

We urge you to join the 2×4 Fight for Refugees Campaign to let your elected officials know that you welcome refugees.


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  1. Betty Isaacs says:

    Before our democracy and our beloved country is irreparably altered from our brave founding father’s original intent and design, we all must unite in a bi-partisan way to put a voice to our concern and outrage over the actions of the last 10 days. Don’t sit on the sidelines and count on others to do what you are not brave enough to do, and stand up for what is right and make your voice be heard. Take Action!

    1. Ronald Davin says:

      Perhaps this April 16 th and 17th we could also remember Martin Richard, forever 8, and pray that what happened to him never happen again in America.

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