Christian and Muslim leaders condemn 'aggressive tendencies and criminal acts'

Posted Nov 10, 2016

[Anglican Communion News Service] Delegations of Sunni and Shia Muslims and Catholic and Anglican / Episcopal Christians have said that hatred, humiliation and persecution based on distorted understandings of the Bible or Qur’an “offends God.” The statement is contained in the Call to Action, issued by the Fourth Session of the Christian – Muslim Summit, which met this week in the Iranian capital Tehran. In it, the religious leaders condemn “aggressive tendencies and criminal acts against nations, groups, and individuals.”

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  1. Martha Richards says:

    Anger, bullying, discrimination both sexual and by nationality/color is unacceptable. God created all of us and we are called by Him to be a loving people. I pray that this will be the case in the near future in the United States and abroad.

  2. Velda Vukoder says:

    I am so ashamed to be an American right now. Hate never helps anything. Only love can triumph.

  3. Jon Spangler says:

    I hope this statement will find its way to the people responsible for law enforcement, immigration, and justice in the incoming Trump administration….

  4. The Rev. Dr. Elaine McCoy , PhD says:

    This is the prayer offered by an American Bishop in light of the result of the American Presidential election of 2016:
    “Please God, give us courage to lament this loss, and to give our full selves toward a new future. Give us the courage to reject half truths and easy answers. Fill us with courage to speak out and stand up. Empower us to move past divisions and forge new partnerships. Give us courage to name our dependence on all of your creation. And send us forth renewed and inspired to share your love. Amen.”

  5. Owen Hoskin says:

    We all pray and strive towards this goal.
    Regrettably, the condemnation of violence and bullying depends upon who is doing what to whom and who is reporting it.

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