A message from the Bishop of Ecuador Litoral

Posted Apr 19, 2016
Portoviejo is one of the areas most affected by the earthquake. Photo: Jairo Chiran

Portoviejo is one of the areas most affected by the earthquake. Photo: Jairo Chiran

Dear friends, we would like to express our deep gratitude for the messages of affection and prayers we have received for our Diocese and our country during this very difficult time.

We have lived an unforgettable experience in which we feared for our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the lives of the members of our faith community. We have clung with deep fervor to the protective hand of our God.

While seeing images in the newspapers and social networks, I just think about the suffering of our compatriots.

I pray for comfort and solidarity for all those who have lost loved ones, that God would also encourage them and restore them in His infinite mercy and goodness.

ens_041916_Portoviejo2_engThe coastal area of our country suffered considerable damage to its infrastructure, loss of life, and a large number of people are injured and missing. One of the most affected areas by the earthquake are the cities of Manta and Portoviejo and the town of La Pila, where our church has a presence. We are getting reports that 48 church members’ homes are completely or partially destroyed and three churches have considerable damage in their physical structure. Fortunately, there was no loss of life among our members, but there are some with bruises and physical and psychological trauma.

The community is already engaged because there are basic needs of drinking water, food, medicine, first-aid kits, and basic tools. In general, all the elements needed for rescue efforts.

There are many victims that require our attention. We will seek ways to send help although the roads have been affected. With the help of the National Police or other government agency we will find a way to reach those who need it the most.

We appreciate your prayers and support,
The Rt. Rev. Alfredo Morante España
Bishop of Ecuador Litoral

Donors can direct support Episcopal Relief & Development’s disaster fund.

Or contact the diocese directly:

The Rt. Rev. Alfredo Morante   bishopmorantes@hotmail.com
Ms. Sabrina Garcia sabrinag26@hotmail.com

Telephone: +593-4-244-3088  or +593-4-244-3088


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  1. Eileen Morgan says:

    Ecuador does need help. The northern coast of Ecuador has been struggling economically and also had been hit by heavy rains , flooding, many landslides and mosquito borne diseases for some time prior to these earthquakes. The country has seen a recession due to the extended drop in oil prices and the government budget has had to shrink as a result. Roads, utilities, schools, hospitals, clinics, and all other public buildings will need to be rebuilt as well as homes, stores and private businesses. It is truly inspiring to watch the generosity and caring spirit of the Ecuadorian people for their countrymen on the coast. I have seen poor communities pool all their resources and show up the day after the first earthquake with huge donations of food, water, clothing and medical supplies. The most moving thing I saw was an elderly barefooted country woman walk into the donation site with a liter of water and clothing. I had seen her go to that site several times for the monthly food distributions for the poor. That liter of water probably was a huge part of her income. I hope you can be generous in funding earthquake recovery for Ecuador.

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