Video: Ashes to Go brings church to the streets of New York City

Posted Feb 11, 2016

[Episcopal Church Office of Communication] The Rev. Stephanie Spellers, canon to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry for evangelism and reconciliation, is one of many Episcopalians who brought Ashes to Go to the streets on Ash Wednesday.

An ENS article about Ash Wednesday initiatives to bring church to the people is available here.


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  1. Martha Richards says:

    Church of the Epiphany, Miami Lakes – we took the ashes to a small shopping center and were well received. Also able to explain what we were doing to those who didn’t understand what Ash Wednesday was all about.

  2. Katherine Beck-Ei says:

    How beautiful. How holy. Thanks you Rev. Spellers and your colleagues for taking this ministry to the streets of NY. I viewed this video three times and, on each occasion, it brought tears to my eyes. I must confess to having been one who felt very disconcerted by “Ashes to Go.” My discomfort stemmed from my belief this lacked the meaning of the act, because it was missing our rich Ash Wednesday liturgy. Having been inspired by this video, I was shaken from being trapped in a narrow point of view. After all, doesn’t Jesus call us to be disconcerted and brought to new ways of thing and being obedient servants. I believe Rev. Backus summoned hit the proverbial nail on the head when he wrote the ministry of “Ashes to Go” is a portrayal of Jesus’ lifestyle. Thank you for freeing me to have a more open minds. Blessings.

  3. Fr. Albert Cutie says:

    What a great witness!

  4. Susan Park says:

    While I am glad to see women involved in ministry, I am concerned that this was three women, no men. Where is the example for the men; that church is for them as well? We’ve done a complete flip-flop.

  5. Jeanie Garrett says:

    Excellent. Well done in every way.

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