Prayers for our Presiding Bishop and Primate

Posted Dec 7, 2015

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Prayers for healing are asked for Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry.

The Presiding Bishop’s Office has announced that Presiding Bishop Curry was taken to a hospital Dec. 6 after a visitation to Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The Presiding Bishop subsequently was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma, and was transferred to a medical center in Richmond for treatment. A full recovery is expected.

Presiding Bishop Curry is currently resting and has created the following video for members of The Episcopal Church here.

Further information will be released by the Presiding Bishop’s office as it becomes available.

O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to your servant Michael the help of your power, that his sickness may be turned into health, and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer (page 458)


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  1. This can be serious, folks. If you pray, pray now.

  2. Paula Wicker Hamby says:

    Believing in our God of miracles and sincerely praying for Bishop Curry to be healed and God’s will for him to be fulfilled in his ministry…and for his family, friends and the medical team.
    God Bless this fine man!
    Paula Wicker Hamby
    Diocese of W. TN
    Member of Immanuel Episcopal Churc
    Ripley, TN

  3. Susan Gardiner says:

    Many prayers for a speedy recovery! Always enjoy your visits at St. Francis in Greensboro.

  4. Bonnie Smith says:

    Praying for full healing. So glad that the Williamsburg response team is so available and responsive. This church is special and I know they will pray.

  5. Trevor-David Bryan says:

    May God, He that healeth All, envelope PB Curry with His loving embrace.

  6. Sally Hardgrove says:

    As the first poster said, this can be a serious situation. I’m anxiously awaiting an update that he is out of surgery. Prayers for Bishop Curry, his family, and us all as we look to his leadership to take us to the next level in our journey.

  7. Debbie Bristol says:

    Keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Cn. Shirley M. Watts says:

    Offering continuing prayers for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. May God grant to Michael, His powerful healing embrace and give to him full recovery.
    All Blessings be with you Bishop Michael,
    Cn. Shirley M. Watts
    Buffalo, NY

  9. Lauren Anderson says:

    My prayers are with the PB, his family and the medical team that is working with God to ensure a full, speedy recovery. Thanks to the PB for speaking with us through this video that provided a level of comfort to us, even in the hospital, he is caring for his flock. My prayers of thanksgiving for PB Curry.

  10. Frankie Vasque says:

    Best wishes. I hope that he’ll be back in the swing of things very soon.
    In Christ,

    Frankie Vasquez
    Member of Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church
    Mooresville, NC

  11. Judge Richard L. Ackley says:

    Prayers and in my native way offering up to the Creator for healing for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and his medical team. We, our Christian family, needs his voice and vision during this time. Again, prayers for his family and for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s full recovery and to continue to carry out the Mission of being inclusive in the Episcopal Church.

    Judge Richard L. Ackley
    Holy Apostles Episcopal Mission
    Diocese of Fond du Lac
    Oneida, Wisconsin

  12. Chief Jim Donovan says:

    Prayers ascending. As a former Operating Tech, I do know the seriousness of this case, but I also know the success rate of such a condition. I am confident that the Lord is with the whole medical team to care for this treasured leader.
    Jim Donovan
    Diocese of MO

  13. Elizabeth Allen, MD says:

    Lord Jesus, Light of the world,
    bless your beloved son, our presiding bishop Michael,
    with a complete healing and a speedy recovery.
    Touch him with the healing power of Your love.

    Protect his mind and his heart,
    so full of Your dreams for Your people.

    May he sense Your presence with him
    and Your protection over him.

    May the light that You have placed in his heart
    be protected from the wind
    like a candle surrounded by the beautiful, curved glass
    of a hurricane lamp.

    May the life-giving light of Your love
    shine brightly in Michael
    the way a small flame,
    magnified by a powerful lens,
    beams from a lighthouse
    kindling hope and joy.

    May the people who live in darkness
    have their hearts warmed by the light shining
    into and through Michael.

    We pray in the name of Jesus,
    who lights our lives with His great love for us.

    With much love and many prayers,
    Elizabeth Allen, MD, St. Paul’s, Winston-Salem, NC

  14. Beatrice Tomlinson says:

    Bishop Curry, May Our God be guiding the hands and minds of your doctors. You are Chosen to lead us. You and your Church will be OK. My prayers an thoughts are with you.
    Bea Tomlinson / U. B.E, NY Chapter, St. Philip’s Church- Harlem

  15. Terry Danforth says:

    May the Peace of the Lord, (As he always is, and always will be) Be always with you Bishop Curry.
    Your Brother in Christ.
    Terry, MN.

    1. Terry Danforth says:

      Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. St Paul MN.

  16. Dr.Erna Lund says:

    To Our Dear Presiding Bishop Curry –Please know we desperately need your Spiritual Leadership and we are so blessed through your inspiring and encouraging video with your great smile, strong voice and that you will be returning to/with us by the end of the week! Praise the Lord!
    Bruton Parish Church Williamsburg, site of your “emergency impact” is also the site of a memorable Blessing where I was confirmed(Bishop William Brown) some time ago, thus this has a personal double impact …
    Indeed with the power of Prayer your sheep are awaiting your return for Celebration in this Holy Season of our Dear Savior’s Birth–Hallelujah!

  17. John E Bush says:

    My prayers are flowing for Bishop Curry, who I have already come to love and admire deeply. I hope he is able to recover very quickly.

    All Saints
    Omaha NE

    1. Hebe Wall says:

      May God Bless you, Bishop Curry and Make You Well very soon!!
      Sending lots of love and hugs and Keeping you in my prayers.
      Hebe Wall
      St. Mark’s Episcopal Church,
      Dalton, GA

  18. Richard Jordan says:

    As someone who feels the im[pactful leadership of this man of God at this time in the history of our church and nation, may God continue to strengthen Bishop Michael, his family and the medical staff caring for him.

  19. As we say in hospital chaplaincy, we don’t believe in miracles, we expect them! And one is already occurring for you +Michael from all of us in Kaiser Hospitals throughout the West Coast. God bless you, your caregivers, those for whom you pray and those who are praying for you and the family

  20. Thanks to this site for informing me of Presiding Bishop Curry’s medical condition. Prayers for the sick are so powerful. Let us pray,…

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