Presiding Bishop-elect meets Anglican Communion convention guests

Posted Jun 29, 2015

[Anglican Communion News Service — Salt Lake City] There was delight and excitement in the room as The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry unexpected paid a call June 28 to thank international and ecumenical guests for coming to the church’s General Convention in Salt Lake City.

Fresh from a march to protest against gun violence, Curry recognized that people everywhere faced similar challenges in the search for peace.

“The world’s way is not the way,” he said. “Jesus has shown us another way.”

Referring to the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, Curry, the bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, noted that “the old way was that you loved your neighbors and hated your enemies” but that Jesus had taught a path of love for the enemy.

Curry highlighted the African heritage that he shared with some of the guests, such as Archbishop Daniel Safo, primate and metropolitan of the Church of the Province of West Africa, and Archbishop Albert Chama, primate of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, and called for a common witness by Anglicans and Episcopalians worldwide.

“There’s ‘plenty good room’ in God’s world for all of us and part of our mission as followers of Jesus is to help this world find that room and make that room, so that children don’t go to bed hungry and so that we lay down our swords and shields,” he said, quoting the lyrics of an African-American spiritual.

Curry, clearly energized by the diversity of the guests, brought a message of hope for the future. “Together I really do believe that we can help this world find another way. We can do this because we are all followers of Jesus.”

The international Anglican Communion guests had welcomed Curry’s election as The Episcopal Church’s 27th presiding bishop. Along with the African archbishops, the presiding pishop-elect was greeted by the primates of Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Central America and Scotland, and by the representative of the Archbishop of Hong Kong. Several ecumenical guests also were present.


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  1. Erna Lund says:

    Firstly we Episcopalians are so blessed with the election of Presiding Bishop elect Michael Curry! When I reviewed the introductory statements of the candidates Bishop Curry’s visionary response was impressive, and thus so grateful and elated on his election! Secondly, I am a little concerned now re his focus on “Evangelism”–this term is interpreted in a variety of ways, yet it is formally defined as “Christians who try to persuade other people to become Christians”; “Evangelical”–Protestant movement of Christian church whose members believe in the authority of the Bible and salvation through personal acceptance of Jesus Christ.” (World English Dictionary), e.g. Billy Graham, John Agee … Yes, PB-elect Curry focused on pubic service and public advocacy, and indeed our Baptismal Covenant invokes us to witness for all peoples for peace and justice … Yet we know and have seen how forms of evangelism have been used and abused all over the world, often to destructive, self-serving means and ends…
    I must add that I “wish” PB-elect Curry had used the term”ecumenical/ecumenism” concerning church unity relating to, involving or promoting unity of Christian churches around the world … “univeral ecumenical” involving all people or groups around the world aiming at unity between different denominations on basic issues.” (World English Dictionary)
    In our chaotic world we need to be actively inclusive with pro-active outreach to All peoples of All Faiths In the months to come the visionary leadership of PB-elect Michael Curry will be increasingly revealing and indeed we are hopeful and eager to follow and walk in the Way of Jesus, Palestinian Jew our Dear Lord, Saviour and Redeemer for All peoples of the world.

    IYes, I “wish” that PB-elect had used the term “ecimenical/ecumenism”

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