Texas: Eldest son arrested in murders of vicar, wife and child

By diocesan staff
Posted Feb 5, 2015

[Episcopal Diocese of Texas] The eldest son of the Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe, Isaac Tiharihondi, was arrested in Mississippi and has been charged with two counts of capital murder, according to media reports. Ahimbisibwe, his wife Dorcas and five-year-old son Jay were found dead in their west Houston apartment on Feb. 2 after they failed to show up for church Sunday and did not respond to numerous attempts to contact them.

The Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe

“While I am relieved authorities have found Isaac, I am heartbroken that he has been charged with capital murder,” said the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, bishop of Texas. “This only adds to the tragedy of their deaths and raises more questions than it answers.”

Ahimbisibwe, a native of Uganda, was vicar of Church of the Redeemer and chaplain at the University of Houston. He had previously served as an assistant at Holy Spirit, Houston. Emmanuel, 17, Ahimbisibwe’s middle son, is in boarding school in California.

“As a Christian community, let us pray for Emmanuel and Isaac as they journey through this time of grief and sorrow,” Doyle said. “Let us also pray for our courts and our prisons, that all involved will be given clarity of mind, peace and wisdom. Our Book of Common Prayer reminds us to ‘pray that any that are held unjustly be released and that those who are guilty find repentance and amendment of life.’ We follow a God in Jesus Christ who is present with those who suffer. Let us be faithful to the God of love and forgiveness.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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  1. PK Miller says:

    This is so sad. The more i read about the oldest son MIA, seemingly lying about entering the military, the more i feared it was hewho murdered his family. We should pray for him as well. i do not know what causes someone to commit such a heinous act. If the son did kill his family, it compounds the tragedy. RIP Father Israel & family.

  2. Lisa Fox says:

    My prayers are with you, Bishop Doyle, and the people who know and love this family.

  3. Danny Anderson says:

    We will have to stand before God on the great and terrible day of judgement. May this young man repent and return to the Lord our God. May the souls of the good father,mother and son rest in peace and use in glory, may the souls of all the faithful departed rest in the mercies of God. Holy Mary pray for us. To the surviving son may he find peace in the days to come.

  4. Peter Meyers says:

    Yes, only let’s not rush to judgment. Trial by the press is often off base and is always unjust. Let’s not make it a hallmark of the Episcopal News Service. Whatever Isaac did or did not do, he is God’s child, and he is in a terrible place. He needs our prayers. With Danny Anderson I pray Light Perpetual shines upon the parents and murdered child. Emmanuel will need our ongoing prayers and the ministries of the Church, family, and friends. He will need long-term professional help as well.
    Two souls Jesus died for are at risk here. I hope people are paying attention.

  5. Richard McClellan says:

    Prayers for the entire family and all of God’s creatures.

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