Anglican book asks questions about Zionism, Christian Zionism

By ACNS staff
Posted Mar 7, 2014

[Anglican Communion News Service] A book to help Anglicans everywhere to engage more deeply with and become more informed about the issues surrounding the situation in the Holy Land is now available.

Land of Promise? An Anglican exploration of Christian attitudes to the Holy Land, with special reference to Christian Zionism was written by a group of Anglicans holding a variety of views. It begins from the question: “What should we make of Zionism in general and the various forms of ‘Christian Zionism’ in particular?”

In the Afterword, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has written, “This report represents a deeply careful and sensitive attempt to answer this, sometimes agonized, question. In seeking answers to that, it also addresses other issues involved in the Holy Land today.

“It will not sit comfortably with those who see no argument about these, but it will assist those who share an honest perplexity.”

While Christian Zionism remains a focal point of reference, the book (available from the Anglican Communion Office’s online shop for £5) explores Zionisms, both Jewish and Christian and presents some stories of the impact upon, and dilemmas faced by, some Anglicans that stem from Christian attitudes to the Holy Land.

It also explores how relationships in Israel/Palestine have had an effect on parts of the Anglican Communion.

Land of Promise? provides a range of theological resources for Anglicans as well as an exploration of key theological issues such as the Gift of the Land, Exile and Return, and Holy City and Temple to enable the reader to get a sense of the Holy Land and Zion and how both relate to one another.

The book’s publication was welcomed by the members of the Anglican Communion’s Network for Interfaith Concerns (NIFCON) at their meeting in London today. NIFCON has been significantly involved with the production of this seminal work.

The next phase of this project will be the publication of a study guide to go with the book, which will be available in 2015.

The book is available to buy at 


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  1. The Rev. Harriet B. Linville says:

    What faith and determination! May this cathedral building serve God’s people there for many, many years. Thanks, Temmo, for noting where the photos are.

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