East Carolina diocese announces 4 nominees for bishop

By diocesan staff
Posted Feb 10, 2014

[Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina] The Standing Committee of the Diocese of East Carolina announced its slate of nominees for election as bishop. The announcement was made as the final piece of business during the 131st Convention of the diocese on Feb. 8, meeting in New Bern, North Carolina.

The nominees are:

More information about each of the nominees is available here.

A petition process for submitting additional names opened on Feb. 8 and will close on Feb. 22. Complete information about the petition process and the petition form are available on the website as well.

The slate is the result of a 10-month discernment process conducted by the Search Committee, made up of lay and clergy members representing all five deaneries of the diocese. The Search Committee was established and charged by the Standing Committee. With the announcement of the slate, a Transition Committee, also reporting to the Standing Committee and comprising lay and clergy members from across the diocese, implements the next stages of the election process.

The nominees will tour the diocese and participate in question-and-answer sessions April 28-May 2, giving the people of the diocese an opportunity to meet and learn more about the nominees. Visit http://eastcarolinabishopsearch.com/about/process.html for locations and times.

The election will take place on Saturday, May 17 at Christ Church, New Bern, North Carolina. All canonically resident clergy of the diocese and lay delegates vote separately as “orders”; a majority of votes on the same ballot from both the clergy and lay orders is required for election.

Pending consent from a majority of the Episcopal Church’s diocesan bishops and a majority of dioceses (via their Standing Committees), the consecration and ordination of the bishop-elect is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Rock Springs Center in Greenville, North Carolina, with Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori presiding.

The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel served as the 7th bishop from 1997 until his resignation in February 2013 to become the bishop provisional of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. The Rt. Rev. Peter J. Lee was elected bishop provisional in March 2013 and will serve until the consecration of the 8th bishop. The Diocese of East Carolina is composed of nearly 70 parishes in 32 counties and covers the area from I-95 to the coast and from Southport up to Gatesville. This diocese is home to several major military bases, a large Hispanic community, and small congregations.