Video: El Salvador: Missionaries adjust to life in the community

By Lynette Wilson
Posted Nov 7, 2013

[Episcopal News Service] Episcopal Church Missionaries Tom and Dianne Wilson are in their first of three years of service in the Anglican-Episcopal Church of El Salvador.  They live in a small community called El Maizal, about a 90-minute drive southwest of the capital, San Salvador, near the border with Guatemala.


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  1. Gay Romack says:

    Blessings to you for your work. A small mission team from our church, St.Peters in Litchfield Park, Az. Went to El Maizal in 2005 with ERD. We dug in the dirt to help with foundations for new houses, moved rocks from the road to the building site, and planted seedlings for agriculture. We stayed in the “guest house.” how wonderful to see your video and the progress made. Let us know when you are “open” for missionary groups.
    In faith,
    Deacon Gay

  2. Marius Hulswit says:

    Just yesterday, in New York City taxi on my way to a Church of the Transfiguration Parish Historical Society meeting, I engaged my driver in a wonderful 20-minute conversation. He was from El Salvador, and said that he and his family fled to the US during the troubled years in the 70’s and 80’s. He misses the beauty of his home country very much, and hopes to return someday. I envy you folks the chance to witness the same beauty of Nature there.

  3. The Rev. Canon Robert Edmunds says:

    Tom and Dianne — you look great. Next step is the big screen! It is a joy to see you both looking and sounding so well and so engaged in the ministry God has challenged you to accept. You continue to provide inspiration for all with ears to hear and eyes to see — the incarnation at work through you both. God bless you and the people with whom you live. Faithfully, Bob

  4. Deb edmunds says:

    Awesome! Thank you for this report. It is good to keep expanding our world understanding and equally important to assure others they are not forgotten. And then it is wonderful to see one’s friends in action … Thinking of you, Tom and Dianne!

  5. Dianne Smith says:

    What a gift, to see and hear you both, Dianne & Tom — as well as the giggles of the girls who greet you at the village store! (Prayers for their father’s safe passage…) Thank you for walking and working (for us all) with the people of El Maizal, “mano en mano.” And thank you, Lynette, for telling their story.

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