Video: Archbishop of Canterbury on the WCC

By Matthew Davies
Posted Nov 2, 2013

[Episcopal News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby speaks with ENS about the importance of the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical movement.


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  1. Peter Menkin says:

    Sometimes the really big subjects are hard to grasp, so I wonder when a statement is made if one can judge it or make a comment on it that is worthwhile. The Archbishop has been traveling and learning about some of the violence, murder and sin in the world and he has in this statement to ENS made witness to the sad reality of the evil in our world. Frightening to hear, such testimony is, and I think when he remarks that it is Christian duty to be a reconciling force it is my thought this is a real solution and way of working with the issues of evil and violence in the world.

    But what does the Christian do for the work of a way far from the kind of violence and evil of a kind that is so manifest in some parts of our world that is beyond even the imaginings from where I stand.

    I think the dictum for someone in the community where I live is to be a minister where I am, and to do so in my own neighborhood as I can. Practicing reconciliation is a way of doing things, not just an act of organizations, I think. So it is part of the Christian thinking and life. The Archbishop’s message then becomes a kind of preaching of the better kind, though not intended as such. Call this the Holy Spirit at work, if you will. That is the better part of grasping what is sometimes a big subject too big for some of us to grasp.

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