Primus of Scotland's statement on pope's resignation

Posted Feb 11, 2013

[Scottish Episcopal Church] The Most Rev. David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrew’s, Dunkeld & Dunblane and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, says “Christians of all traditions will have heard of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI with regret.  He has been a distinguished holder of his office, widely respected for his scholarship and his spirituality.

“Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain was a significant event during his term of office and I was privileged to meet him. His speeches showed his willingness to engage with the issues of faith in a complex and secular society.

“The challenge of leading a historic faith institution in a time of rapid change is very great.  Pope Benedict has made a difficult personal decision which shows the mark of a humble servant of Jesus Christ.  We wish him a peaceful and holy retirement.”


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  1. Robert Church says:

    Pope Benedict is one of the reasons I joined the Episcopal church.
    He elevated his dogmatic theology over the teachings of Jesus.
    The shame is he knew better because he embraced the theology of Carl Rahner
    before he decided to climb the power ladder of the vatican.
    I hope the new Pope understands that men and women are called to bring forth the kingdom of love and service. We are not made to goose step to outdated and erroneous dogma.

    1. Robert Church says:

      I wish The Pope well personally but his leadership and the attitude of the vatican elite have driven many out of the church. As a retired counselor I have seen first hand the damage done
      when the interest of the shepard was placed above the sheep. The Catholic Church needs to trust
      the Holy Spirt more than it’s institutional enforcement mechanisms.

    2. “Goose step,” Bob? Really? No, don’t go rhetorically overboard or anything. Man up and call Benedict a Nazi. And exactly how is Roman Catholic doctrine “outdated and erroneous” since the vast majority of the Christian church accepts it while rejecting Episcopalian innovations?

  2. Elizabeth Gibbons says:

    Benedict’s failure to punish the child predators in the priesthood is a cause for sorrow and shame. The Roman Catholic Church had a systemic conspiracy placing our children in harm’s way to protect the priesthood from the exposure of their horrific crimes against innocents. I can no longer tolerate the hypocrisy. I have recently begun attending an Episcopalian Church.

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