The Telegraph interviews Canterbury; ACO issues correction

Posted Sep 10, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, in an interview with The Telegraph published on Sept. 8, reflected on his 10-year tenure as Primate of All England and spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion. The article is published here.

The Telegraph also ran an article titled My job is too big for one man, says Archbishop of Canterbury, in which the newspaper reports: “Williams said a new role should be created to oversee the day to day running of the global Anglican communion, leaving future Archbishops of Canterbury free to focus on spiritual leadership and leading the Church of England.”

The Anglican Communion Office responded to The Telegraph articles with the following correction.

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion has responded to an article in today’s The Telegraph newspaper that inaccurately stated: “The Anglican Church is drawing up plans… that would see the introduction of a ‘presidential’ figure to take over some of the global role of the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

“The opening paragraph of this article is mischievous,” said Canon Kenneth Kearon. “There are no such plans. The Archbishop of Canterbury simply said in the interview that he could see that in the future there might be some reflection on how the administrative load associated with the Anglican Communion might be better shared.

“The Anglican Communion has several decision-making bodies, one of which is meeting in a few months’ time. Nothing like what this newspaper has suggested is on the agenda.”